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Stainless steel knobs

Stainless knobs elevate your kitchen or bathroom with the detail that goes the extra mile and makes a big difference to the feel of the room. In our range you will find everything from the new and trendy, stainless steel knobs to the classic and stylish knob. If you are looking for a timeless style that lasts year after year, then stainless steel knobs are for you.

Decorate personally with stainless steel knobs

Discover our range and create your own style with one of our knobs. Create a holistic feeling in the home and combine our stainless knobs with some of our stainless handles, hooks and door handles. Most of our stainless knobs are designed to match other products in our range. Replacing your current knobs with new stainless knobs is a quick and easy way when you want to make a change in your home. It's not very difficult and all you need is a screwdriver to get started. All our knobs are supplied complete with screws that fit 16-19 mm fronts.
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Knob Riff - 21mm - Stainless steel look/bilder/artiklar/liten/351041-11_S.jpg?m=1714460843
Knob T Riff - Stainless steel look/bilder/artiklar/liten/351051-11_S.jpg?m=1714399439
Knob T Ethel - Stainless steel look/bilder/artiklar/liten/343382-11_S.jpg?m=1714392594
Knob Sture - Stainless steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/knopp-sture-rostfritt_S.jpg?m=1676904854
Available in several sizes
Knob T Uniform - Brushed stainless/bilder/artiklar/liten/343294-11_S.jpg?m=1664524342
Knob D-337 - 20mm - Stainless steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/34420-11_S.jpg?m=1651655948
Knob SS-G - 25mm - Stainless steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/36141-11_S.jpg?m=1688108839
Knob SS-F - 20mm - Stainless steel/bilder/artiklar/liten/36151-11_S.jpg?m=1651656443
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