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Knob Torp - Polished Brass in the group Products / Knobs / Brass Knobs at Beslag Design i Båstad Aktiebolag (359402-11)
Knob Torp - Polished Brass

Knob Torp - Polished Brass

Knob Torp has a stylish and tasteful design. Available in polished brass and polished untreated brass. Polished brass means that the knob is lacquered and therefore will not age visible or patinated. Untreated brass, on the other hand, gets a nice patina over time.

  • Polished brass
    Polished and varnished brass. This design is glossy brass that does not age or patinated with time when it is lacquered and does not come in contact with air or other elements.

  • Brass polished untreated
    No lacquered. This design is polished gloss brass that is both aged and patinated because it is not lacquered. Brand new, it is difficult to see difference compared to the varnished. If you look carefully, however, you can see an oily surface on the lacquered shimmer in blue.
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  • Specifications
  • Article depth: 25 mm
    Article diameter: 25/20 mm
    Article length: 25 mm
    Article width: 25 mm
    Finish: Brass polished
    Measurements of the foot: 19 mm
  • Product sheet
Available varieties:
Knob Torp - Polished Untreated Brass/bilder/artiklar/liten/359401-11_S.jpg?m=1651658058

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