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Create ambiance in unexpected spaces with lighting - @amandaxelssson guides

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 / 2023-05-29

Create ambiance in unexpected spaces with lighting - @amandaxelssson guides

Amanda Axelsson, the well-renowned interior enthusiast and influencer behind the popular Instagram account @amandaxelssson, has once again opened the doors to her beautiful home to share her expertise. By using products from Beslag Design's range, she shows us how to create exceptional environments and ambiance with lighting. Amanda demonstrates that even the smallest and most unexpected spaces can be illuminated and transformed into magical places.

Beslag Design is proud to have Amanda Axelsson as one of its selected ambassadors. Amanda shares a delightful mix of family life, renovation, beautiful material choices, and refurbishment. Today, we take a closer look at how Amanda uses LED-strips and LED-profiles to create the perfect lighting and atmosphere in different spaces.

LED-strips are flexible and versatile light sources that can be used in many different ways. By placing them along edges, shelves, stair steps, or ceiling moldings, you can easily create subtle light lines that give the room a soft and inviting feel. To take it a step further, complement the lighting with an LED-profile. By using an LED-profile, you can create directed and focused light, perfect for illuminating specific areas or objects in the room.

"Originally, it was a wardrobe, but I opened it up from the living room, and didn't it turn out great?! To make it extra cozy and inviting, we chose to illuminate the shelf at the back with the same lighting we have in the kitchen." – @amandaxelssson

Here is how Amanda proceeded:

1. Start by measuring the inner dimensions of the cabinet and then cut the LED-profile to the required length.

2. Cut the LED-strip to the same length as the profile. Flexy 2216 9.6W/m can be cut in modules of 50mm, so be careful when cutting to avoid diodes without connection from turning off.

3. Mount the LED strip in the profile. The LED strip has a self-adhesive backing that makes the installation easy.

4. Mount the diffuser, the white "frosted" one, on the profile.

5. Connect the driver to the LED strip to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and properly connected.

6. Amanda has then chosen to place the lighting at the back of each corner of the shelf to achieve the most pleasant light possible. They drilled holes in the shelf boards measuring 6x10mm according to the dimensions of the LED-profile and then mounted it.

What is so impressive about Amanda's work is her ability to see the potential in every space, regardless of size or shape. She shows us how to utilize the smallest and most unexpected spaces to create an impactful ambiance with lighting.

Get inspired by Amanda's kitchen as well, where she has used the same lighting solutions as in the shelf.

By offering innovative lighting solutions and collaborating with talented individuals like Amanda, we strive to inspire and assist our customers in creating extraordinary environments. Together, we can create moods and atmospheres that touch and enchant, making each project something truly special.

Be inspired by @amandaxelssson on Instagram.

LED-strip Flexy 2216/bilder/artiklar/liten/flexy-2216_S.jpg?m=1592921866
Control module CM4 - X driver/bilder/artiklar/liten/973708_S.jpg?m=1593072597
Diffuser LD8104 - A - Opal/bilder/artiklar/liten/973502_S.jpg?m=1592833095
Driver X-Driver/bilder/artiklar/liten/x-driver-Vit_S.jpg?m=1620223757
LED-profile LD8104 - Aluminium/bilder/artiklar/liten/973501_S.jpg?m=1665137182

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