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LED-stripe Flexyled UHE6B CSP D-M in the group Products / Lighting / LED-strips at Beslag Design i Båstad Aktiebolag (flexyled-uhe6b-csp)
LED-stripe Flexyled UHE6B CSP D-M
LED-stripe Flexyled UHE6B CSP D-M
LED-stripe Flexyled UHE6B CSP D-M

LED-stripe Flexyled UHE6B CSP D-M

6mm LED strip with 304+304 diodes per meter.

Flexy LED UHE6B CSP PW D-M is a dimmable LED strip that is part of the D-Motion collection. The strip is only 6 mm wide and comes with self-adhesive 3M© tape for easy installation. 2000mm and 3000mm are also available without tape. Divisible into modules of 26.3 mm (8+8 diodes) and is specially designed for use in profiles with removable diffusers.

Connection cable included: 2000 mm.

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  • Specifications
  • Article depth: 1,6 mm
    Article length: 1000 mm , 2000 mm , 3000 mm
    Article width: 6 mm
    Voltage (V): 24
  • Product sheet
  • Installation guide


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