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Get to know me: Henrik Stridh, Key Account Manager

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 / 2022-05-26

Get to know me: Henrik Stridh, Key Account Manager

In order for you to get to know us who work at Beslag Design, we ask our employees a couple of questions. Today you get to know Henrik Stridh, who works as Key Account Manager at Beslag Design.

Hi Henrik! Tell me, what is your role at Beslag Design?

- For the past 5 years I have been working as a Key Account Manager (KAM). Before that I worked as a salesman in the field for 8 years, so in total I have worked for 13 years at Beslag Design. As Key Account Manager, I take care of our major central customers such as Vedum, Svedbergs and Hornbach.

What does a typical day look like for you as a salesperson?
- As a Key Account Manager, a lot of my tasks are administrative so I spend a lot of time at the computer. There is a lot of planning and follow-up work, for example putting proposals on assortment or putting together a quote. For me, feedback is very important and I make sure that my customers get quick answers. If you work in the field as a salesman, you make more customer visits, but of course I also visit my customers on a regular basis.

How would you describe Beslag Design as a company?
- It is a completely different company today than it was when I started in 2009. Then it was a small family-owned company with a turnover of about 43 million. Today it is still a family-owned company, but we have, for example, an external CEO, we are many more who work here, we have a larger range and we have more customers. This year, sales are estimated to be around 200 million. It has been and continues to be an incredibly fun journey to be a part of. The plans are still big going forward and it's fun to work at Beslag Design.

Mention three things that make you happy.
- To meet new people, the community in the office and all the new products that we launch.

And finally, the classic question, if you must select a favorite from the range. Which one will it be?
- I have handle Helix Stripe in antique bronze in my own kitchen, but we have launched an incredible number of stylish handles in the category of long handles lately. Handle Arpa is the new favorite. An elegant handle in industrial design where the longest has c / c dimensions 1178 - very nice!

Arpa is available as a T-knob, with or without backplate. Available in three different designs; stainless look, brushed brass and brushed black.

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