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Now we are in BIM-object


 / 2022-08-16

Now we are in BIM-object

Now we make it easier for all architects to integrate handles, knobs, door handles and bathroom accessories into their projects. Beslag Design is now in the BIM-object database, which has several million users. Several of our products are available for download today and we are actively working on creating files for our entire range.


We offer BIM objects to help designers, architects, engineers and regulators plan and visualize their projects in an easy and efficient way.

What is BIM?

BIM-object is a place for architects and other consultants at the regulatory level where you can find products that are best suited for what you plan to build. BIM facilitates planning from idea to finished product.

In a BIM object, we collect all documentation about our product such as c/c measurements, width, height, materials and links. And already at the idea stage, our products can be included in the drawing, which streamlines planning and visualization.

Beslag Designs items are available for download here.

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