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Inspiration: Kitchen lighting - LED spot Holl

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 / 2022-10-21

Inspiration: Kitchen lighting - LED spot Holl

Lighting is important in all kitchens, both for practical reasons and to create a modern and cozy kitchen. Lighting not only helps you to see the food you are preparing or the recipe you are following, but is also an important detail in creating an inviting atmosphere and wholeness in the kitchen. LED-spot Holl is a beautiful lamp that fits in all kitchens – both under the cabinets as work lighting or in the display cabinet for mood lighting.

LED spot Holl is designed as a minimalist light ring and creates the illusion of being part of the surface it is placed in. Holl is available in several different versions - either through surface mounting or embedded in milled grooves.

3 steps to perfect kitchen lighting with LED-spot Holl

1. Choose lighting

Choose whether the lighting should be surface-mounted or recessed. See all variants of the Holl LED spot here. Then choose the number of spits you need for the kitchen.

2. Select drive and control system
With a drive, you connect your lighting and can turn it on, off and dim to adapt the lighting to the occasion and activity. If you choose LED-spot Holl TDM, you can use any of our standard 24Vdc drivers. Otherwise you have two choices – X-driver or Easi. With X-driver you can control the lighting with your phone. And with Easi, you control the lighting with a simple push of a button on the Easi remote control.

3. Adjust the light as needed
Holl is a DM luminaire and you can thus control temperature and brightness adapted to match the occasion and activity. Read more about D-motion here.

Full control over temperature. From warm to cold light.

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