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Get to know me: Johan Plato, Supply Chain Manager

Get to know us

 / 2022-10-31

Get to know me: Johan Plato, Supply Chain Manager

In order for you to get to know us who work at Beslag Design, we ask our employees a few questions. Today you get to know Johan Plato, who works as Supply Chain Manager at Beslag Design.


Hi Johan! How did you end up at Beslag Design and what is your role?
- I have worked in the fittings industry since 1997. I have a great interest in development and improvement work in purchasing and logistics, both strategically and tactically. When I received the request in 2012 from Beslag Design, I did not hesitate for a second. In my role as Supply Chain Manager, I get the opportunity to be involved and influence on many levels. I am involved in the entire flow from production until the product reaches our end customer.

How would you describe the past ten years from your perspective?
- We have made a fantastic journey that has really only just begun. We have succeeded in building on a strong family tradition where we have both developed together but also developed our business. I am extremely proud of my colleagues' performance and our joint ability to face challenges and drive the business forward. The desire and ability for development and improvement is truly unique.

What is the biggest challenge and the most fun in your job?
- Our business is developing at a fast pace and we are facing a future that places ever higher demands and expectations on us. We must be flexible and able to quickly adapt to new situations. In many ways, the world today is more complex and unpredictable, not least of which we have had to experience in recent years. We need to work systematically, utilize our experience/competence and make smart choices going forward. Over the years, we have built long relationships with our suppliers. Close and strong collaborations with strategically important partners where we can take on challenges together. We realized early on how valuable these relationships are, not least during the pandemic.

I love the collaboration with our internal departments, with our suppliers/partners and finding the best deal for our customers. I want to put the customer first. We are a strong team where we all pull together in the same direction towards a common goal.

Can you tell us a little about how Beslag Design works with sustainability?
- We have made our own analysis of which sustainability issues from the 17 Global Goals where we as a company have the greatest impact and which are most relevant to us. There are great challenges here, but also an opportunity for us to contribute to long-term change. We work in an ambitious direction where we want to be part of the global improvement work. We want to include the issue in our collaborations with both customers and suppliers. We want to offer a sustainable and long-term business. For us, it is also important that the sustainability work engages all of our staff. Our Code of Conduct must permeate our entire operation. It clarifies the requirements and expectations we have for our suppliers and partners. We need to work continuously to reduce our burden on the environment. Finding efficient transport routes for our products from production to the customer is an area where we need to put more and more focus - also increased filling rate and choice of transport material are important factors for us. We need to challenge conventional packaging and packaging materials for a more sustainable future. I am convinced that through our commitment and our long-term collaborations with customers and suppliers, we can contribute to increased sustainability.

What is your best tip for enjoying yourself and having fun at work?
- Our commitment attracts talent to the entire company. I work for an inclusive workplace with transparency, trust and passion. We want a permissive and sustainable work culture where we are comfortable questioning and proposing alternative solutions. We all have a shared responsibility to create a pleasant and functional work environment. We need to utilize our skills and strengths. We work across the boundaries between our departments and we all have a clear will and ambition to push ourselves forward. I am convinced that through a goal-directed and inclusive operation, with a positive attitude and a solution-oriented starting point, we will together create an organization where we thrive and develop.

And finally, the classic question, if you have to choose a favorite from the range. Which one will it be and why?
- Oh! Hard choice. We have so many wonderful products. My natural choice of favorite should of course be bud PLATO. With its elegance and clean design, a really nice knob that should be in every home. But my favorite is the LED spot HOLL. Here we are talking about a revolutionary LED spot when it comes to lighting for kitchens and bathrooms, but also for many other areas of use. HOLL has a completely unique design and a modular system for optimal function. With a perfected D-motion technology for absolute light control, this is my favorite in our range.


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