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Beslag Design sums up the year - our highlights and news


 / 2022-12-16

Beslag Design sums up the year - our highlights and news

It's time to sum up the year and reflect on the year that has passed. A lot has happened at Beslag Design – we have launched exciting new products in most product categories, celebrated 50 years with an anniversary collection and welcomed several new employees.

1. With a passion for design for 50 years

We have celebrated half a century in the service of design - with significant details that create a beautiful whole. It has been a really exciting year with various activities linked to our 50th anniversary. Not least, we launched an anniversary collection designed by award-winning Monica Förster.

2. We have launched several new products

In 2022, Beslag Design has launched several exciting product news that we have compiled in the video below.

3. Get to know us at Beslag Design
To give you an insight behind the scenes, at the beginning of the year we started a series with "Get to know us". Every month we have asked a couple of questions to people in different departments at Beslag Design. We have also had the honor of welcoming several new fantastic employees to us in 2022 who we have interviewed.

4. 25 years at Beslag Design
In 2022, we celebrated and paid tribute to five employees who had been employed for a full 25 years at Beslag Design. More than 25 years ago, Maria, Mehmed, Jonas, Emira and Fredrik started working in the company. What would Beslag Design be without its fantastic employees? 25 years as an employee is impressive and we are so grateful and happy for all employees who do so much for our development and growth - Thank you.

5. Our ambassadors have inspired
During the year, our carefully selected ambassadors have inspired with details that lift the decor. Influencers Fredrik Karlsson, Ida Mårtensson, Amanda Axelsson, Josefine Svensson Eklund, Amalie Fagerli and Katerina Dima have let us accompany them during renovations and other exciting projects. Here we have collected all the inspiration from our ambassadors on Instagram in a guide.

6. BIM
We want to make it easier for all architects and regulators to integrate handles, knobs, doorhandles and bathroom accessories into their projects. So during the year we uploaded several BIM objects that can be used when planning your projects.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers, partners and followers for a fantastic year. We look forward to 2023 where we have continued focus on an innovative range, creativity, service and sustainability.

Now we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! A warm welcome in 2023.

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