Custom-built bookshelf with brass handles at Sanna Guidetti's home
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Sanna Guidetti's bookshelf with Uniform brass handles

Case Room

 / 2024-05-21

Sanna Guidetti's bookshelf with Uniform brass handles

MW Interior Design has designed a custom-built bookshelf for Sanna Guidetti's home. The bookshelf, made by Karlssons Golv, is an example of how well-thought-out design choices can enhance a room. Get inspired.

The details that make a difference

The bookshelf is not just a storage solution, but a beautiful interior detail that enhances the room. Details like our Uniform handles in untreated brass add a modern touch to the furniture. The Uniform series is characterized by its T-shaped base and is made of high-quality stainless steel. The brushed untreated brass ages naturally and develops a beautiful patina over time, giving the handles and thus the bookshelf a lively and authentic character.

"Our home is everything. The bookshelf designed by and made by @karlssonsgolv is the best thing we've done" 

Sanna Guidetti shares her enthusiasm on Instagram

Bonus tips for your bookshelf

Don't forget to consider lighting when planning your custom-built bookshelf. Integrated lighting can enhance both the bookshelf and the room. Beslag Design offers many different solutions for integrating lighting into the bookshelf. A popular choice for bookshelf lighting is the LED strip Flexy LED SE H4-24.

A warm thank you to our partner MW Interior Design for another fantastic project we have been a part of.

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