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LED-strip Flexy 2216 in the group Products / Lighting / LED-strips at Beslag Design i Båstad Aktiebolag (flexy-2216)
LED-strip Flexy 2216
LED-strip Flexy 2216
LED-strip Flexy 2216
LED-strip Flexy 2216
LED-strip Flexy 2216
LED-strip Flexy 2216
LED-strip Flexy 2216
LED-strip Flexy 2216

LED-strip Flexy 2216

4 mm thin LED strip with 120 (9,2 W/m) and 240 (19,2W/m) diodes per meter. With 9.6 W per meter, this 4 mm wide LED strip is extremely thin while providing fantastic light. In addition, the light image becomes very uniform with 240 diodes per meter.

9.6W/m: Divisible into modules of 50 mm.
19.2W/m: Divisible into modules of 25 mm.
Connection cable: 2000 mm.
Self-adhesive back.

LED strip Flexy 2216 HP4 fits LED profile 8104.

Connection cable included.

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  • Specifications
  • Article depth: 2 mm
    Article length: 1000 mm , 2000 mm , 3000 mm
    Article width: 4 mm
    Brightness (at 500mm): 1300 lux , 680 lux
    Color rendering (CRI): >90 CRI
    Color Temp (K): 3000 K
    Connection type: Micro 24
    Effect (W): 19,2/m W , 19,2W/m W , 9,6W/m W
    IP-class: IP-class 20
    Light flux (lm): 115 lm , 82 lm
    Voltage (V): 24
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