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Door handle Helix 200 Plain - Matt black in the group Products / Door handles / Door handles at Beslag Design i Båstad Aktiebolag (helix-plain-svart)
Door handle Helix 200 Plain - Matt black
Door handle Helix 200 Plain - Black
Door handle Helix 200 Plain - Black

Door handle Helix 200 Plain - Matt black

The elegant Door Handle Helix 200 Plain in black combines a modern design with timeless elegance. With its distinct smooth surface and harmoniously rounded shapes, this door handle fits perfectly on both light and dark interior doors.

Helix 200 Plain has a resilient spring, which means that it always returns to its basic position. The door handle and key plate are suitable for doors that are 35-48mm deep. Choose between a lock box in Scandinavian standard (lock box 2014) or one in European standard (cc38mm).

Pair the door handle with the toilet thumb turn R for a cohesive look. The Helix 200 Plain door handle also matches many other Beslag Design products, such as handles and knobs, making it easy to create a consistent theme in your interior.

A standard key plate and a complete mounting kit are included for easy installation.
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  • Specifications
  • Article diameter: 52 mm
    Article length: 150 mm
    Article width: 52 mm
  • Product sheet
  • Assembly instructions
Available varieties:
Door handle Helix 200 Plain - Stainless steel look/bilder/artiklar/liten/helix-plain-rostfri_S.jpg?m=1699432424


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